Icebreaker Festival 2018

Icebreaker Festival 2018 – Photo by J.P. Nomad

Growing up watching her Dad’s gigs and listening to her Mum’s tapes, there was no doubt that Hanna wanted to be a musician. Starting off playing the violin (badly…sorry Mum and Dad), piano and clarinet, Hanna spent most of her childhood around vintage synths, manual drum machines and sequencers, building a love for all things electronic.

Learning to play guitar, bass and drums whilst in school, Hanna formed a rock band and found the adrenaline and thrill of gigging, which cannot be matched by anything else. Although a bit of a weirdo in school, music gave her an escape and using a wide range of influences from Gary Numan to Fleetwood Mac to Linkin Park and even the Ibiza dance music of the early 2000s, she started to write songs.

Alongside the rock and electronica, Hanna continued to learn classical piano, sax and most of all, singing. Her classical training saw her singing in cathedrals across the country and in Italy, eventually getting a place to study Music at the University of Sheffield. More than anything, she started to binge-listen to different musical styles and developed her own style of writing and covering songs.

Hanna later qualified as a music teacher and later worked for Social Services, which strongly influenced her songwriting – there is so much hurt in the world, but why shouldn’t songs be something to make you smile?

After several years of solo gigging, Hanna joined rock covers band The Drop Bears as lead vocals and acoustic guitarist, playing in many venues across the South. Now back as a solo artist, she has been lucky enough to play a variety of venues and events, including weddings, local festival Icebreaker and opening Portsmouth Pride on the steps of the Guildhall in front of a crowd of revellers.

Hanna specialises in writing about the issues which have touched her life, such as coming out as gay (and getting a crush on a straight girl!) and her ongoing battle with mental health, which aims to give hope to others through catchy melodies and soulful harmonies.